Can I change the distribution of my debits?

Yes, you can choose the distribution of the precious materials that will be debited from your VeraCash account for your next debits. This option will apply when you use your VeraCash payment card or the “Send VRC” function.

By default, the distribution of your precious metals will be determined proportionally, based on their listed values. If you want to define your own distribution, you can activate this feature and opt for the material of your choice. It is free for you to change the distribution of your debits.

You can do this via the “My distribution” section of your account space. The distribution you choose for your different withdrawals will be effective for all future debits against your account. This feature allows you to change it at any time and return to a distribution that is proportional to the materials you own, simply by turning off custom distribution. 

Important: If the amount of the debit is higher than the available balance in the chosen material, your account will be debited on a proportional basis. We recommend that you check your available balance regularly to make sure your chosen debit distribution still corresponds to your expectations. 

For what kind of operations will custom distribution apply?

Your custom distribution will only apply to debits made using your VeraCash card and transfers of VeraCash. All other transactions, such as oxidation (dormancy) and ancillary fees, will be withdrawn from your account on a proportional basis.

Is this feature available on mobile app?

Yes, this feature is available via the web interface and the mobile app! 


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