Can I get physical gold delivered to my home?

VeraCash can't deliver physical gold to your home. Instead, you can go through our Luxury Private Mint VeraValor or our parent company AuCOFFRE.

VeraCash offers precious metals stored in the Geneva Free Ports in a mutualised form. This pooling offers a high liquidity of your metals and allows you to use the VeraCash card anywhere in the world, at any time and instantly.

Because of how VeraCash operates, it is not possible to have the metals in your account delivered to you, as this would mean taking away your share of ownership of the coins in the vaults.

However, you can purchase coins directly from the website, our Luxury Private Mint, using the VeraCash card. This will allow you to acquire precious metals in physical form and deliver them to your home while reselling your metals stored by VeraCash.

You can also make a transfer from VeraCash to our parent company AuCOFFRE. To do so, please contact their customer service at