How do I close my VeraCash account?

To close your VeraCash account, you will need to send an account closure request to the following email address:

Your email must include your bank details, if the ones provided in your VeraCash account are no longer up to date.

We recommend planning ahead to sell your precious metals via your VeraCash card, by making payments to merchants and/or e-commerce websites, or by withdrawing your funds from a cash machine.

If your account has a positive balance, we will sell all your precious metals at the rate in effect at the time when your account closure is processed by our Customer Service team, and then pay the funds from the sale to you via bank transfer. A 1% fee will be applied to the total amount, as indicated on our “Pricing” page.

Lastly, it is your responsibility to destroy your VeraCash card. Our company may not be held responsible for your failure to do so, as indicated in our Terms and Conditions of Use of the Services.