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How does the EUR holding account work?

The EUR holding account feature appears on your VeraCash account in its web version. For now, the holding account is not available on the mobile app.

1. How do I activate my EUR holding account?

Go to your Member Area to activate the feature.

In the left side menu, you should see "Activate my EUR holding account", with an "ACTIVATE" symbol. 

You can activate and deactivate it from your Member Area.

Please note: Deactivating the feature will allow you to revert back to the initial version of VeraCash deposits as long as there is a zero balance in your EUR holding account. Once deactivated, any deposit will be converted upon receipt of your payment and according to the distribution you have set up.

2. What is the validity of a EUR deposit?

On your EUR holding account, you can convert your various deposits into grams of precious metals at the current price. Please note their validity period!

Each deposit is valid for 15 days from the date of receipt. At the end of this period, the deposits are automatically converted into precious metals and according to your distribution settings.

Therefore, choose small amounts to avoid being surprised by the automatic conversion of each of your deposits and for a better conversion flexibility.  

3. How can I change my distribution for the conversion of my EUR deposits into grams of precious metals?

Your EUR deposits on your holding account are valid for 90 days. So make sure to distribute your precious metals!

Nothing changes for the distribution settings of your precious metals on your EUR suspense account. Go to the tab "My distribution". 

4. Are there any fees when I make a deposit to my EUR holding account?

Since a conversion involves the acquisition of precious metals, we apply our usual management fee. 

There are no changes to the fees for converting EUR deposits into precious metals. 

You will find all our fees on this page.