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EUR holding account: how do I convert my deposits into precious metals?

Deposit funds into your EUR holding account in the traditional way and convert each deposit to the quotation of your choice.

1. How do I make a deposit to my EUR holding account?

To deposit funds on your EUR holding account, simply make a deposit either by bank transfer or by credit card in the "Top up" tab.

Please note: When a bank transfer is received, we check whether the EUR holding account is activated. If it is, it will be credited. If not, it will be converted directly into precious metals, according to your personalised distribution.

In the case of a transfer: If, between the time of its reception and its processing by our company, you have deactivated your holding account in EUR, it will be credited. You will then have to reactivate it to enable you to convert it later.

2. Where can I find the balance of my EUR top ups?

Once you have activated your EUR holding account and made a deposit via the "Top up" tab, you will be able to retrieve the balance of this holding account from the main tab "My account" or from the "Buy VRC" tab. 

There, you will be able to choose to convert your deposit into precious metals according to your personalised distribution.

For now, the balance of your deposits in EUR is not available on our mobile app.

3. How can I convert my EUR deposit into precious metals on my EUR holding account?

To convert your euros into precious metals, go to the "Buy VRC" tab.

Each deposit - valid for 15 days - will allow you to buy precious metals while controlling the current price chart. After this period, your deposit will be converted automatically.

Make sure to check your personalised distribution!

4. Are there any fees when I make a deposit to my EUR holding account?

Since a conversion involves the acquisition of precious metals, we apply our usual management fees. Make sure you visit this page with all our fees.