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I entered my password when making a payment with my VeraCash card, but it didn’t work.

You may have confused the password you use to log into your VeraCash account with the PIN number for your VeraCash payment card.

VeraCash login details

When you register with VeraCash on our website or our mobile app, we send you an eight-letter username and a 10-digit login ID. In addition, you will need to set your own four-digit password.

To access your VeraCash account, you will always need to enter your username, your login ID and your password.

VeraCash card PIN number

When you receive your VeraCash card, a four-digit PIN number is provided to you through your Member Area. You cannot change that number.

As a result, your PIN number is different from the password you defined when you registered with VeraCash or which you may have subsequently changed via your VeraCash account or by following the password retrieval process on our website or our mobile app.

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