Is it possible to top up my VeraCash account with several bank details?

It is possible to top up your VeraCash account from 3 bank accounts in your name. You can upload your bank details from your Member Area, from the "My documents" tab.

VeraCash offers you the flexibility to top up your account from several of your bank accounts.

To add an additional bank detail, go to "My documents" in your Member Area. You can find your validated bank details in the section "Bank details".

The addition of a new bank detail is not immediate, it is subject to validation. You will experience a processing delay so that we can confirm that the document is correct.

Please ensure that your bank details have been validated in your Member Area before making your transfers from there.

⚠️ If you are a French resident and wish to add a bank detail for a foreign account, you will need to send us the CERFA for the declaration of a foreign account issued by the tax department.

In general, if you wish to add a RIB whose domicile is not the same as that of your tax residence, please contact your Administration to find out about the declaration requirements.