What is DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)?

DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) consists of investing in precious metals on a regular basis, via programmed investments at pre-defined periods.

This method of investment allows you to smooth out the fluctuations in the price of your various purchases. Overall, the investor will buy during bullish and bearish periods, avoiding any risk of volatility.

Example: You want to buy €3000 of GoldPremium gold. By practising the DCA, you can schedule a transfer of €250 each month for one year. 

This way, for the same amount of money, you will buy less metal when prices are rising - minimising your exposure to risk, but you will buy more when prices are falling - maximising your potential for future gains.

This article not represent investment advice and is for educational and informational purposes only. Past performance of an asset (stock, tracker, gold, silver, etc.) is not a guide to future performance.