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Why can’t I make a payment or withdrawal using my VeraCash card?

There are several possible reasons why a payment or withdrawal may be declined.

Places where the VeraCash card cannot be used

Because the VeraCash payment card is considered a prepaid card, it cannot be used at certain 24/7 petrol stations, tollbooths, certain hotels, certain car parks and care hire companies if no debit authorization is requested there.

Additionally, if you plan to travel to Japan, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Benin or Sudan, you will unfortunately not be able to use your VeraCash card, because prepaid bank cards are fairly uncommon in Japan or due to an unfavourable geopolitical climate.

VeraCash card limits

You've reached withdrawal and/or payment limits.

Available VeraCash balance

Whenever you try to make a payment or a cash machine withdrawal, the network will automatically query your VeraCash balance. If your available balance is less than greater than the amount of the transaction, it will be declined. Make sure you have enough available funds.

Please don’t hesitate to regularly credit your VeraCash account (giving rise to purchases of precious metals) to avoid this inconvenience.

Authorization pending

When a transaction is approved, it is not debited from your VeraCash account in real time. Which is why your VeraCash account shows an “actual balance” and an “available balance”.

The actual balance includes all transactions.

Your VeraCash card has expired

The VeraCash payment card is valid for three years from the date of its production. The expiry date (MM/YYYY) appears on the front of the card.

Please check to make sure your card is still valid.

Your VeraCash card has been frozen or blocked

You may have accidentally frozen your VeraCash payment card from your VeraCash account. To check this, log into your account and click on “My VeraCash card”.

If you have blocked your VeraCash payment card after losing it or noticing fraudulent transactions on your VeraCash account, you will need to wait until you receive your new card.

Technical issue

It is possible that there may have been a technical issue when the system tried to connect to the server:

  • connection severed;
  • authorization server does not respond;
  • etc.

Please try again later.

Incorrect VeraCash card PIN number

If the payment terminal displays a message of “incorrect PIN”, that means you did not enter the right PIN number for your VeraCash payment card. To retrieve your PIN, click here for the procedure you will need to follow.

If you have entered three or more incorrect PIN numbers, your card will automatically be frozen for security reasons. In that case, please contact our Customer Service team to unfreeze it.

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