Why can't I receive my card activation code by email?

If you do not receive the automatic email for the activation of your VeraCash® card or to consult your PIN code, the email is either in SPAM or "permanently rejected". Here is the procedure to receive this email again.

VeraCash® implements all the best practices concerning marketing emails (automated support, news, newsletters) and automatic "transactional" emails (crediting your account, sending VRCs to another account, payment, withdrawal, recovery of a 2FA double authentication code, etc.). 

While it is possible to unsubscribe from marketing emails, it is not possible to unsubscribe from transactional emails as they are essential for the management of your account. 

In either case, emails may not arrive because :

  • you have marked them as SPAM: sending is deactivated,
  • the anti-spam filters of your mailbox have blocked our emails,
  • your email address is permanently rejected for other reasons: mailbox full, etc.

How to reactivate the sending of emails related to the management of your account?

  1. Check the spam folder and possibly the "notifications" and "promotions" folders in your e-mail.
  2. Place the emails contact@veracash.com, contact@mail.veracash.com and info@veracash.com in the contacts of your mailbox which will allow your spam filter not to block these emails (white list).
  3. Send an email that respects the formalism below:

To: abonnement@mail.veracash.com

Subject: Demande de ré-abonnement de mon adresse e-mail

Body of the e-mail:

Name of the account: “yoursurnameandname” (to replace)

E-mail address to be re-subscribed: "youremailaddress" (to replace)